Yoshiko Hanabatake is the main protagonist in Aho-Girl.


Yoshiko has long, straight, light brown hair that is tied into two high twintails. Her hair reaches past her waist. She has reddish-brown eyes, bangs, fair skin, and forelocks near her ears. Her skin and hair are very well-cared, because she wants to look good in A-kun's eyes. Yoshiko has a seemingly average bust size. She usually wears her school uniform.


Yoshiko is eccentric and incredibly stupid. She is very annoying towards A-kun, even though she truly wants him to love her. Yoshiko even goes so far as to let him see her panties. Her idiotic actions towards A-kun caused her to get beat up by him. Actually, she annoys every one around her.

Yoshiko is quite dirty-minded. She is also quite perverted, as she enjoys groping the disciplinary committee president's breasts and likes to peek in the men's bathroom just to see Akkun's willy.

As a child, she showed a strong proclivity towards great agility and speed. She is strong for a girl despite her petite stature, as when she carried Akkun with little to no effort above her head when they were children. She can jump from one balcony to another, and is shown to have fast reflexes, with the exception of Akkun’s fast punches.


Akuru AkutsuEdit

She is in love with him ever since she was a child. They are childhood friends but Akuru doesn't see it that way.

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit

Yoshiko's mother.


Yoshiko's pet dog.

Sayaka SuminoEdit

Sayaka is Yoshiko's closest friend. They become friends after Yoshiko told her that A-Kun had no friends. She tried her best to be friends with A-Kun.


  • If the kanji is written in a certain way, Yoshiko's surname means 'flower patch'.