Sayaka Sumino (隅野 さやか)

Sumino Sayaka is one of the main characters.


Sayaka has brown colored eyes and blonde hair. She has a flat chest, even by Japanese standards.


Sayaka Is Shown To Be A Generous And Kind Hearted Young Girl. As Seen In The Anime Where Sayaka Was Forced To Show Her Panties By Yoshiko and Yoshiko's mother, but she did Showed her Panties.


Akuru AkutsuEdit

She tried her best to befriended A-Kun. When Yoshiko told her that A-Kun had no friends she took pity on him and said that she will become A-Kuns friend and told him to smile

Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

She Is A Close Friend Of Yoshiko As Seen In The Anime She Is The Only Girl That Stays Patient With Yoshiko's Idiocy.