Ruri Akutsu (阿久津 瑠璃 Akutsu Ruri) is younger sister of Akuru Akutsu.


Like her brother, she has dark hair. She is 138cm (4'6") tall.


Ruri is a hardworking elementary school student who devotes her time to studying, determined to become smart and dependable. Despite this, she utterly fails at nearly everything she does, prompting Yoshiko to see her as a fellow “idiot”. Much like her brother, Ruri dislikes Yoshiko and is mortified at the idea of becoming just like her.

Unlike Yoshiko, Ruri has a good amount of common sense, though sometimes her childishness will come out at points.




Akuru AkutsuEdit

She is Akuru's younger sister.

Due to Akuru seeming to have very low expectations of her and often tells her how it’s okay to be a failure, she does not like him too much.

However, she still loves her brother as she still goes to him for help in homework and runs to him when she is scared.

Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

They both get zeros but she cares unlike Yoshiko. Ruri is mortified at the idea of ending up like Yoshiko.

Sayaka SuminoEdit

Ever since Sayaka encouraged her, Ruri likes Sayaka and seems to prefer her over Yoshiko. Ruri sees Sayaka as surrogate big sister since she has common sense and is always kind to her when trying to help.

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit


  • She is blood type A.
  • She weighs about 31 kg (68lbs).