Fuuki Iinchou (風紀委員長 Fūki Iinchō) is one of the main characters. She's a member of the disciplinary committee.


Fuuki is a beautiful young girl with mid-back dark blue hair with bangs on the right side of her face and the hair on the left side is held back by a white clip, light brown eyes and fair skin. Her breasts are of G-cup size, which is unusual for a japanese girl.

She wears the uniform of her school with black stockings and a red armband of leadership which refers to her role of a president.


As disciplinary committee president, she has a serious personality. She is rather bossy because she was trying to fulfill her role as president, but after she met Akuru Akutsu, she began to stalk his every move and justifies her actions as concern for Akutsu's well being and her responsibility as the disciplinary committee president.



Akuru AkutsuEdit

Ever since she fell in love with Akkun, she has started deviating from the right path without realizing it.

Yoshiko Hanabatake Edit

She hates Yoshiko because she toys around with the latter's breasts. Another reason for this is that she thinks she will steal Akutsu from her and marry him into her family of brainless neanderthals.


  • She is a B-blood type