Akuru Akutsu (阿久津 明 Akutsu Akuru) is one of the main characters in Aho-Girl.

Appearance Edit

Akuru is a boy with short, straight, black hair, bangs, fair skin, and hair framing his face. He has stern-looking brown eyes, and a serious expression. He usually wears his school uniform.


Akuru is a smart and serious high school student who is constantly annoyed by Yoshiko. Akuru is kind of antisocial since he only cares about studying. he has been shown extreme sadistic personality but that is because of Yoshiko's stupid actions.




Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

Akuru often scolds Yoshiko, due to her eccentric and stupid personality.

Fuuki IinchouEdit

Sayaka SuminoEdit

The only person he considered as a friend. Sayaka befriends him out of pity after knowing he doesn't have friends. He considers he "normal".

Ruri AkutsuEdit

Akuru is Ruri's older brother.

Ryuuichi KurosakiEdit

Ryuuichi tries his best to become friends with Akkun, but fails numerous time until chapter 105 when Akkun says that he will consider it if Ryuuichi does what Akkun tells him to.

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit

Akuru is deeply disgusted out by Yoshie's pervert personality and hates her betrothal plans of him and Yoshiko.


The dog seems to be the only person that Akuru likes or isn't irritated by, as said dog seems to be more intelligent then Yoshiko.

Atsuko Oshieda Edit