Akuru Akutsu (阿久津 明 Akutsu Akuru) is one of the main characters.


Akuru is a boy with short, straight, black hair, bangs, fair skin, and hair framing his face. He has stern-looking brown eyes, and a serious expression. He usually wears his school uniform.

Personality Edit

Akuru is a very seriousperson who likes to study. He is said to be a tsundere by Yoshiko Hanabatake.




Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

Akuru often scolds Yoshiko, due to her eccentric and stupid personality.

Fuuki IinchouEdit

Sayaka SuminoEdit

Ruri AkutsuEdit

Akuru is Ruri's older brother.

Ryuuichi KurosakiEdit

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit


The dog seems to be the only person that Akuru likes or isn't irritated by.

Atsuko OshiedaEdit


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